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First things first: you need to get your content sorted.


You may have some great design ideas for your website or brochure, but before you plough ahead with layout, colour schemes and images, it's a good idea to know what you want to say.


It'll be easier for me to write succinct, benefit-led copy, if you've set clear goals for what you want your content to achieve. I can help you work out those goals and create a content plan.    

Of course you want to be speaking to your customers in a range of media - but you could find you've wasted a huge chunk of your budget on a video clip nobody watches if you haven't had a good think about what you want it to achieve. 

For more ideas on content planning, have a quick squizz at my blog.

Get to grips with your content


Call me for a chat about how I can help you get on top of your content planning.

Who’s your audience?

  • Who do you want to bring into your brand? Why?

  • How will you speak to them – what tone of voice?


What’s in it for them?

  • What are the benefits to them of spending time with you?


What do you want them to do after seeing your content?

  • What’s your call to action?


What do you want to tell them?

  • What's the purpose of your content: sell, educate and inform, help, inspire, persuade...?


How are you going to engage them?

  • Web pages, blogs, tweets, articles, videos, listicles, how-to-guides…?


How will you continue to engage your audience?

  • Use of social media

  • Content review


How will they be viewing your content?

  • On the move, in the armchair...?

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