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What I'm up to

Times they are a'changin'. This virus has really shaken things up, forcing us to think different, work clever and stay positive. I spent most of the last lockdown working on a legal editing project, as my regular clients held their breath and rode out the crisis.


Now, as normality peeks its head over the pandemic parapet, my freelance work is picking up once more. I sense a groundswell of creativity around me, with businesses looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves. Good writing and clear messaging will be key to their success. I’m excited about helping brands rebuild, stay strong and thrive in this new world.  Do get in touch if you need to add a little bit of freelance flair to your content team.

Last year I started coaching clients to create and use content themselves to convert prospects into customers. It's the old teach-a-man-to-fish philosophy: most people can write (blogs, articles, scripts and so on), they just need guidance to build their confidence. If you'd like to hear more about this, I'd be happy to explain how it works.

Before that, I was tied up on a contract with insurance company Zurich. They got in touch in the early stages of planning a new business aimed at putting some fun into financial planning for young, financially savvy working couples.

Teaming up with the in-house marketing, design and UX teams, and external management consultants and agencies, I helped produce the right content to fit the customer value proposition, as it emerged.

  • Creating clear and easy to navigate web pages - homepage, landing pages, content pages


  • Producing lay-out visuals and scamps to give the client's design team an idea of how the copy might look on the page

  • Writing technical content, campaign emails, video scripts, articles, instructions for online tools and calculators


  • Brainstorming content plans and producing headline visuals for new releases of the website. 

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