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If you have a document that needs checking for style and content, I can help. I’ll use my academic, professional and creative experience to make sure it reads well, is grammatically correct and in the right tone of voice.


  • Website copy

  • Annual reports

  • Brochures and other promotional material

  • Articles

  • Press releases

  • Emails

  • Memos and other internal communications

  • Scripts

  • Blogs

  • Tweets


…whatever you’ve written, get it checked by an expert.

Editing and proofreading

....and potential customers is essential to the success of your business. The material you put in front of them – emails, websites, brochures, reports, videos – should reflect your brand.


At the very least that means you need to come across as professional and speak to people so they want to listen. Or they’ll be off in a click or a tap.


I’ll review your material to make sure your words are working their hardest for your business.

Building rapport with your customers...

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